Sweep Accounts

Valliance Bank sweep products assure that excess balances are efficiently invested to fit your needs. The sweep services also allow you to improve management control of cash flow while reducing your internal paperwork. Whether your company has borrowing needs or excess cash, Valliance has a solution that will fit your company’s unique design so that your money works for you!

Zero Balance Account

Zero Balance Account eliminates the need to manually transfer funds for your company’s collection or disbursement accounts allowing efficient usage of your excess funds by concentrating them into one account.

How it Works

The Zero Balance Account consolidates balances from multiple sub-accounts into a single master account. This enables your business to segregate the collection or disbursement of cash.

After deposits and checks present for the day, an automatic transfer will initiate from the elected master account sweeping funds to or from the Zero Balance Accounts to restore all sub-accounts to a zero balance.

  • Eliminates manual internal transfers
  • Reduces idle cash in various accounts
  • Maximum control over balances and funding
  • Link unlimited sub-accounts to the zero balance master account

Repurchase Sweep Account

Repurchase sweep accounts (REPOS) are a sale of marketable securities from the bank to you, wherein the bank agrees to buy back the securities the next day at the same price plus interest.

How It Works

Your master account will have a set target balance and the excess funds from that account will be swept into our overnight repurchase sweep account for a short term investment. If monies fall below the target balance the funds will be swept back into the Master account to replenish the target balance. You will receive a daily confirmation on your repo investments.


  • Provides safe and secure investment of funds
  • Maximize profits while eliminating the need to monitor cash position and investment decisions
  • The status of your repo is available on a daily basis

Revolving Line Of Credit

Valliance Bank’s revolving line of credit (RLOC) product is designed to assist corporate borrowing customers in maximizing the use of their funds. The RLOC system advances or pays down on a line of credit according to the target balance set by you and your loan officer.

How It Works

If your checking account has funds in excess of the target balance, and an outstanding balance on the line of credit, the system automatically debits the checking account and pays on the line. If the account balance falls below the target balance and the line of credit is not fully borrowed against then the system will advance funds from the line and credit the checking account.

  • Eliminates the need to manually advance or pay down on your line of credit
  • Minimizes interest expense
  • Allowing the maximum use of your funds, improving your profitability
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