Corporate Credit & Debit Cards

Valliance is proud to offer Visa Corporate Cards and Visa Purchasing Cards to your business. Visa is the leader in merchant acceptance worldwide giving you convenience by eliminating the need for cash advances and complicated reporting for tax purposes. More importantly, the employee does not have to use personal cards for business expenses.

Visa Corporate Credit Cards

The Visa Corporate card gives your company the freedom to do business worldwide. This card gives you an excellent bookkeeping system which provides you more control over your expenses. You also have the option to earn reward points through the Points to Anywhere Program.

Visa Purchasing Credit Card

With the Visa Purchasing Card, you have in hand, a one-card solution to streamline the financial management process of your business. This one card can greatly reduce the time and cost associated with paying for goods and services by eliminating paper-based purchase order and invoice processing. The Purchasing Card is much more than just a payment card. It can be integrated into existing financial systems, has the ability to populate expense reports and can provide enhanced data on many purchases. This additional data can provide you with invoice specific information about the transaction. The purchasing card gives you the ability to specialize the setup, monitoring and detailed reporting at the employee level. You also have the option to earn reward points through the Points to Anywhere Program.

Points to Anywhere Program

The Points to Anywhere Program is unique because it allows you to earn reward points on the purchases made with the Visa Corporate Card or the Visa Purchasing Card. You also have the ability to combine any of the corporate credit cards within your business so they all accumulate into one point pool-maximizing the points on your spending. This flexible program gives you the ability to choose how you want to redeem your points. You can choose from airline tickets, hotel stays, cruises, car rentals or gift cards from some of the nation’s leading restaurants and retailers. The ability to use any corporate card to make your purchases and then redeem points for almost any type of reward makes Points to Anywhere one of the most flexible and easy to use programs available.

Business Check CARD

For Information on our business check cards or personel check cards click here.

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